Born in Shenzhen China, near the renowned Dafen Oil Painting Village, Chi Shing Yeung’s early exposure to the world of art sparked a journey that traversed the landscapes of Southern China, the bustling streets of Hong Kong and eventually, the vibrant city of Chicago. This rich blend of cultural experiences shaped Chi’s artistic vision, celebrating both the beauty of urban landscapes and the simplicity of everyday moments.

     Chi’s work is a celebration of connection and positivity — from the serene ambiance of a cup of coffee to the shared delight of a box of donuts, drawing inspiration from the heartening energy of artists like Leonid Afremov, the nuanced cityscapes of Wayne Thiebaud, and the luminous serenity of Henri Edmond Cross. With a palette knife in hand, he translates this inspiration into canvases with rich textures and vivid colors, inviting viewers to find joy and connection in familiar scenes, celebrating the beauty of everyday moments.

     A self-taught artist, Chi is driven by the belief that “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” In a world teeming with challenges, his work stands as a reminder of warmth and familiarity, offering solace through its celebration of the simplicity and the extraordinary alike. Each painting is a conversation, a story of connection and discovery, reflecting Chi’s belief in the power of art to bridge the gaps between people, their cities, and the moments that define them.

     By focusing on the vibrant, dynamic, and sometimes overlooked aspects of daily life, Chi Shing Yeung reminds us that beauty and magic can be found in the most ordinary places. His paintings are not mere decorations but invitations to see the world with a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation, solidifying his role as a storyteller of the urban canvas and the simple joys that connect us all.