Bringing Your Vision To Life

1. Initial Consultation:

Our journey begins with a thoughtful discussion about your vision. We will decide on the subject matter,
size, color palette, and style of the painting. This crucial step ensures that we are at the same page and
ready to embark on the creative process together.

2. Agreement and Deposit:

Once we’ve outlined the details, a 50% deposit of the agreed price is collected. This not only secures
your commission slot but also covers the initial costs of materials, ensuring the quality and commitment
to your project.

3. Progress Updates and Collaboration:

Throughout the creation of your painting, you will receive regular updates, allowing you to witness its
evolution. Your feedback is highly valued during this phase. I welcome any input you may have, and
adjustments can be made to ensure the artwork aligns seamlessly with your vision.

4. Final Approval and Payment:

Upon reaching a stage where the painting reflects your vision, I will present it for your final approval.
Once you are satisfied, the remaining payment is due. This ensures a fair and transparent process,
concluding with your complete satisfaction.

5. Packaging and Shipment:

For clients outside the Chicago area, rest assured that I take care of the logistics. I personally pack and
insure the artwork, guaranteeing its safe journey to your doorstep. The best part? The shipping costs are
on me, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.