I don’t even know where to begin. The talent Chi has is amazing.  I am the proud owner of 6 works of art by him, and I’d commissioned another.  A friend of mine was so impressed by his work that he commissioned a piece for himself as well.  The vibrancy, vision, and beauty of Chi’s work is absolutely worth it.  As a bonus, he’s wonderful to work with and ensures that you are a part of the process.

Thomas B.

     I’ve commissioned 3 paintings with Chi Shing for our family pets. As is the deal, we had to eventually say goodbye to them as they passed. However, their wonderful memory stays on in the form of Chi Shing’s mastery with oil on canvas. Memories in the form of art!

Jay Shrotenboer – Chicago

     Chi is simply amazing! His work is definitely from the heart. I sent him a few photos of my doggie Lucy after she crossed the rainbow bridge to have a painting done. The best decision I ever made. 100% professional! He sent me photos of the work along the way and made sure I approved before the final touches were added. Payment and shipping were a breeze. A true professional! I now have a beautiful painting of my sweet Lucy and it is perfect in every way!

Penny Staton – North Carolina

     For my wonderful sister of her daughters! MAJOR SHOUTOUT TO THE ARTIST @chishingart for making this for her! Worth every penny!

Lucas Virella – Chicago

     Chi made a fantastic painting of my dog. He painted it exactly like my photo and now it’s a cherished item for our family!

Rachel Louise – Chicago